Postponement of Conference “Finding the Treasure within” Women’s Conference

Every year we host an annual Women’s conference. We select 50 women, the purpose of this conference is to bring women together mostly from marginalized backgrounds, single mothers and widows. The conference is a 2.5 day conference held in Nyanga Zimbabwe, fully hosted by People at Heart Foundation and Chariots.

The conference features the following programs

Word of God based teachings.

Business workshops.

Health programs.

Self-awareness programs

At this conference women with viable business plans or ventures are selected for business start- up support programs and projects. These programs/projects are financed by Chariots and People at Heart Foundation. It is our aim to have the ladies financially independent so we can focus on the next group of people.

We regret to inform you that this year’s conference has been postponed indefinitely due to Covid19 pandemic. The conference was scheduled to be held from the 31st of July 2020 to August 2nd 2020.

We remain hopeful that circumstances will change in future to enable us to hold the conference.

We will keep you updated on any new developments or programs that might be put in place to ensure the intended beneficiaries receive the support they need from Chariots and People at Heart Foundation.

Thank you to all for your continued supporter, you help us make a difference.

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Together we can!

People at Heart , Chariots Assisting The Community in The Fight Against Covid-19

In our effort to assist in the fight against Covid 19 in Zimbabwe, People at Heart Foundation has initiated a program to produce cotton face masks for free distribution to the marginalized and vulnerable in our community Rusape, Zimbabwe. We have chosen to start with this group because we aim to create an equal opportunity for all and to help provide the minimum protection requirements to all. Zimbabwe has called for masks for all, and reusable, washable masks would be beneficial to the recipients enabling
them to go about their business as lockdown has been relaxed and formal businesses have been allowed to go back to reopen. Masks currently being sold on the market are expensive and not reusable or washable, which makes it difficult for some people to prioritize buying a mask which is only used once.

Coronavirus is spread by droplets that can spray into the air when those infected talk, cough and sneeze. These can enter the body through the eyes, nose and mouth, either directly or after touching a contaminated object. Because we believe that masks will reduce the rate of transmission, we have set a target to produce 1000 handmade masks. Part of our distribution plan is to educate the recipients of the homemade cotton masks on how to use, clean and take care of them, as well as practice good hygiene. We will also advise them not to ignore other protective measures that have been issued by the government and health authorities.

As of the the 7th of May 2020 we are happy to announce that we have made more than 240 handmade masks, with our Chairlady, Mrs W Makuku, spearheading this project. We are currently looking for partners to help us meet or surpass our target. Our first stop in distributing our People at Heart handmade masks was at our local Old People’s Home in Rusape, Zimbabwe. The home houses 20 elders and 3 employees. We gave out masks to all. It was a great experience sharing the masks and teaching the old people how to use the masks.

Thank you to all People at Heart supporters and Chariots supporters for your purchases, you help us make a difference.

For more information or to contribute or volunteer in anyway please contact us on
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Feed The Widows Program

People at Heart Foundation has embarked on a program called Feed the widow campaign, in Rusape Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has been under lockdown due to Covid 19, which is meant to help control the spread of the pandemic. However, it has affected a lot of marginalized women as they rely on daily sales of produce for their livelihood. Their source of income abruptly vanished and for a month they have been with no income, with most of their reserves being utilized during the lockdown.

This campaign will give widows food hampers and handmade face masks to help alleviate the challenges they are going through. The food hamper will have 10 kg mealie meal, 2 liters cooking oil, a bar of soap, 2kg sugar, 2kg
salt and People at Heart Face Masks. Initially the foundation will fund 20 widows and we will add more beneficiaries to the program in groups of 20s.

Our first group of widows was given their hampers on Saturday the 9th of May 2020. This program coincided with this year’s mother’s day. It was a great way to celebrate mother’s day with these amazing women.

We would like to thank all those supporting us on this project and all Chariots customers for supporting
this beautiful cause.

For more information or to contribute or volunteer in anyway please contact us on:
Mrs W Makuku +263777321112
WhatsApp +263777321113

Report on the People at Heart Single Mother’s Conference

Date 26-28 July 2019

Venue : Rhodes/ Mare  Lodges Nyanga Zimbabwe

Day 1: Friday 26 July 2019

50 women gathered at St Batholomew Anglican Church Rusape.
They departed from this place on a hired bus from John Cowie Primary School
Rusape at about 13:00Hrs

They arrived at Rhodes Lodges at about 14:30 and they went
for a tour at the huts village historical site

The ladies had such a remarkable time at the Huts
Historical Site. After the site visit they freshened up and went for dinner.
After dinner they made their way towards the conference hall. During the
evening session they were introduced to the people at Heart Team by the C.E.O
of People at Heart Tina Tendai Makuku Makaya. She also Introduced the Guest
speakers for the conference. There was sharing of the word of God by Pastor
Juliet. Then we had a testimonial from Berita. A testimonial on how her life
has been as a single mother and how she was assisted by People at Heart in
paying her University Fees. They called it a night and day 1 was  gone

Day 2: Saturday 27 July 2019

During day two the ladies had an exciting day full of

During the morning session we had health talk by Mrs Zisengwe
she talked and taught about stress How to identify the signs and symptoms and
how to avoid it. The dangers of stress and she also touched on a healthy

After the health talk we had a session on mushroom  growing by Clara Makoni an amazing
entrepreneur from Sweet Harvest . Ladies were taught how to grow mushroom from
their backyard in cabins and green houses. We then selected 5 ladies for our
first mushroom project. The project will start in October 2019

Mushroom growing lecture ended our morning session. They
had cool lunch hanging out together.

Once lunch was done the ladies were ready for some
adventure, they visited the fishery site and they had an early braai dinner by
the natural pool.

During the evening session they stayed by the pool and had
a powerful prayer session led by sister Marian. The holy spirit showed up and
showed off.  After the prayer session the
ladies went to bed.

Day 3: Sunday 28 July 2019

The ladies had in house breakfast and after breakfast they
headed for the conference hall. Sister Marian introduced her Organisation Women
of Virtue and she selected women from different cities to be representatives of
the organization  The holy spirit took
over and some ladies rededicated their life to Christ. People at Heart gave out
food hampers that were sponsored by our friends in Beijing. The winners of the
mushroom project were announced and they were given their cheque. The
chairwoman thanked the guest speakers and they were given a small token of
appreciation from People at Heart.

They rounded off the conference in style by Visiting
Nyangombe falls and They headed back to Rusape.

Thank you to everyone who supported us. Please keep supporting us!